This is Targex. What is Targex? Us, and in our own little personal site with a chat just for your, mostly our, enjoyment. We were originally just a fan site for a particular game that strangely we do not seem to worry about as much. We progressed to something that we would call a "community hangout" site.
And so, from humble beginnings to contemporary and cartoon styles, we've thrived for many reasons and it was only until now that we realized that we don't need a backbone audience to rely on, but only ourselves. Sure, you could still call it a contemporary hangout site for particular members, but now we'd like to call it our site, for you.

This is the ChatBox we've here at Targex, where you can communicate with anyone online. For more information about the chat, click here.

Here is the music we've accustomed. If you have any song requests at all, please inform Zach or send an e-mail through the contact page.

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